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About This Website

This website offers a breadth of information on cervical cancer and the importance of attending regular screenings. Regular screening prevents 8 out of 10 cancers from developing. Cervical screening saves 4,500 lives in England every year, so it’s important to go for a cervical screening test every time you’re invited. On the whole, cervical cancer remains one of the few cancers that isn’t spoken about in great detail which puts women at risk of not understanding the changes going on in their bodies. Muslim women are at even greater risk due to cultural and religious factors preventing them from seeking medical support. Throughout this website, you’ll have access to real life research from Muslim women all over London presenting their experiences and concerns, as well as resources and actively updated information on the screening process and where you can find support within your local area.

The Research

The NHS were keen to discover the truths, tensions and concerns of young Muslim women when it comes to cervical cancer and the screening process, with the aim of understanding how best to offer the right help and support. We spoke to over 30 women in boroughs across North and East London to understand and document the experiences that young Muslim women face when being screened for cervical cancer. The research allowed us to delve deeper into their worlds and hone in on their day to day experiences and their hopes for change. Through this research, we’ve focused on unearthing the cultural and religious nuances that will help the NHS to engage with young Muslim women and also provide accessible support both on-and-offline.


We’ve compiled a list of support groups, websites, medical experts, and other resources to help you better understand cervical cancer, the screening process, and treatments available in the North-east London area and online.

About Muslim Sisterhood

Founded in 2017 by Sara Gulamali, Lamisa Khan, and Zeinab Saleh, Muslim Sisterhood began as a photography series capturing young Muslims expressing their identity authentically. Since then, the collective has worked with young Muslim women across a number of creative mediums, allowing them the space and support to thrive whilst challenging ongoing cultural and societal barriers.

The NHS commissioned Muslim Sisterhood to carry out this research based on their proximity to the issue and their ability to engage with Muslim women compassionately within their vast network. This research is built on the collective’s ability to offer depth into the cultural barriers and local nuances of Muslim womens’ experiences in London and offer insight into the longevity of activating ongoing changes to general and sexual healthcare.

Learn more about Muslim Sisterhood’s work by visiting their website

Supported by North East London Cancer Alliance

The North East London Cancer Alliance (NEL CA) works across seven boroughs (City and Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge) to improve and transform cancer patient pathways from prevention through to end of life care. To deliver our goals for cancer services, we work in close partnership with the NEL Clinical Commissioning Group (NEL CCG), hospital trusts, local borough public health teams, charities and community groups. A key area of work for the Alliance is in improving awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer and increasing uptake of cancer screening services across north east London. Screening services are vital in diagnosing cancer early, before symptoms are seen, and when treatments are likely to be less invasive and outcomes better. Our other priority areas are enabling faster diagnosis of cancer, access to treatments and improving quality of life for patients.